About Ocean Bestiary

Ocean Bestiary is a microfiction blog. Fables for grown ups where marine life has something to say. All in 500 words or less. Each fable is illustrated by the author.

Ocean Bestiary was founded by Dr. Sarah Frias-Torres, a marine biologist investigating the ecology and conservation of marine megafauna (ocean giants), coral reefs and mangroves. Currently, Dr. Frias-Torres is a research collaborator with institutions in the United States and internationally. When writing her blog, she writes as an independent scientist. Therefore, views expressed in the blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of any past, present or future supporting agency.

Dr. Frias-Torres also writes the blog GrouperLuna, focusing on research and conservation of threatened marine species and ecosystems.

You can follow the author via twitter @GrouperDoc

Sarah w Goliath by MarkEakin edited